wikidy wikidy whack…

Wikipedia is a non-profit. It was either the dumbest thing I ever did or the smartest thing I ever did. Communities can build amazing things, but you have to be part of that community and you can’t abuse them. You have to be very respectful of what their needs are.
– Jimmy Wales

Barrie Jo Price has just given a great workshops on using wiki’s in school.  I wish it was a little more hands on but the time just was too tight.  Her passion really came through loud and clear.  It got me thinking of some of my favorite wikis that i visit regularly:

just a couple of them if any of you are interested.  Time to bus back to a $200/night hotel that charges for wifi – ridiculous!

on the campaign trail…

The idea of an election is much more interesting to me than the election itself…The act of voting is in itself the defining moment.
– Jeff Melvoin

How do you get a class of Dominican’s (all of them seniors) interested and fired up about studying AP US Politics?  This was the challenge presented to one of the teacher’s here and over the last two years Tina Schuster has done exactly that.  This year her AP students will be traveling to California as part of an exchange to witness the election taking place.  In preparation for the trip students are sharing ideas, thoughts and opinions with their Californian counterparts through this wiki.

When Tina came to me looking for integration ideas a wiki seemed to be the obvious choice.  Neither teacher had used a wiki before and i am thankful for their willingness to leap into something entirely new.  We scratched out some ideas and came up with a rough structure that was shared with Mr. Chavez in California.  He added to it.  It was set-up and live in less then a week and after three weeks all three of us are astounded by the work that these students are coming up with.  After watching Obama speak in California i jumped on the wordle craze that was dominating my twits and added a page for discussion as extra credit.  The student knew this had nothing to do with their grade, but the ball is rolling now – it isn’t about grades any more.  Ms. Schuster and Mr. Chavez of ignited something bigger, something real and much more long lasting then grades…a real desire to know all that they can about the election and the candidates involved in it.  They jumped all over it and one of them “beat me to the punch” of posting a second wordle (from McCain).