wikidy wikidy whack…

Wikipedia is a non-profit. It was either the dumbest thing I ever did or the smartest thing I ever did. Communities can build amazing things, but you have to be part of that community and you can’t abuse them. You have to be very respectful of what their needs are.
– Jimmy Wales

Barrie Jo Price has just given a great workshops on using wiki’s in school.  I wish it was a little more hands on but the time just was too tight.  Her passion really came through loud and clear.  It got me thinking of some of my favorite wikis that i visit regularly:

just a couple of them if any of you are interested.  Time to bus back to a $200/night hotel that charges for wifi – ridiculous!

Blog, Schmlog: Using Blogs to Enhance Writing, Reflection, and Assessment Across the Curriculum

“I really struggle with that feeling of helplessness. That’s why I really try to get my blogs, and even myself, to point to the positive and look at all the inspiring things that are happening.”
– Daryl Hannah

Two years ago I submitted a proposal to do a presentation on blogging in education.  That proposal was selected a year after it was submitted and tomorrow i am off to Costa Rica to present at this year’s Tri-Association converence.  The topic:  how blogging can be used to improve writing, reflection, assessment, and the learning that goes on in our classes.

The presentation is considerably different than what was originally proposed – but lets face it the world of blogging has changed a great deal in two years!  I will be giving the presentation twice and the candidates and duration of the session will be very different; thus i needed some basics that i could adapt to the audience in front of me.
I have re-presented some of the information from support blogging, and from the writings found on or linked from my blogroll in a slide show and will work individually to meet the needs of the participants.

Here is the presentation to date (although it will likely change greatly before it is presented on Thursday morning):

Of course comments and feedback are always appreciated if you have a minute.