a physical facelift to mirror a pedagogical shift…

Never, never, never believe any war <construction project> will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter.
Sir Winston Churchill

Incredible progress was made on our new media center over the summer and going into hurricane season we are on schedule (and budget).  This is an amazing feat anywhere these days and on an island famous for “island time” and its laid back atmosphere this success is a testament to our school engineer Rafael Piña.  Of course there are an incredulous amount of people working on this project at all level who equally deserve our thanks – gracias.

Of course schools are not about buildings and never should be.  This construction is well timed as it is accompanying our community’s better understanding of the role of technology in every aspect of education.  There can be no question that the pedagogical face lift that is being constructed in classrooms, labs, moodle rooms, staff meetings and in the teachers’ lounge is the most important aspect and the central focus of the technology department – but we won’t object to a state of the art new facility to call home.

Construction continues:

“It amazes me that most people spend more time planning next summer’s vactaion then they do planning the rest of their lives.”
– Patricia Fripp

Well summer must be upon us, and it seems just in time. My NetVibes shows a significant fall-off in ed tech writing and i know my mind is also looking to the long lazy days of summer. Kitesurfing, reading, playing with my family, visiting my family, reading some more … oh boy now i am really getting excited.

Some new videos will be being posted on the school’s youtube channel in the coming days as i get the time so please check it regularly. For starters here is a little walk down memory lane for the class of 2008 aka Tenacious – congratulations and all the best to all of you as you move on from CMS.

The fruits of the first middle school digital arts elective are here. – WOW!
Third graders made some good friends this year!

I may get you one more of these before the summer but progress will continue:

may 26, 2998
(see the progress thus far)

img 1: the bulletin board outside of the elementary library; created by Carmen Rivera.