“It amazes me that most people spend more time planning next summer’s vactaion then they do planning the rest of their lives.”
– Patricia Fripp

Well summer must be upon us, and it seems just in time. My NetVibes shows a significant fall-off in ed tech writing and i know my mind is also looking to the long lazy days of summer. Kitesurfing, reading, playing with my family, visiting my family, reading some more … oh boy now i am really getting excited.

Some new videos will be being posted on the school’s youtube channel in the coming days as i get the time so please check it regularly. For starters here is a little walk down memory lane for the class of 2008 aka Tenacious – congratulations and all the best to all of you as you move on from CMS.

The fruits of the first middle school digital arts elective are here. – WOW!
Third graders made some good friends this year!

I may get you one more of these before the summer but progress will continue:

may 26, 2998
(see the progress thus far)

img 1: the bulletin board outside of the elementary library; created by Carmen Rivera.