Education 2050 – Neural and Networked

No one wants advice, only collaboration.
~ John Steinbeck(1902 – 1968)

Well this blog is kind of morphing into a place for sharing ideas that will hopefully guide our WiredWednesday conversations.  It wasn’t the vision and it needs more time, but i just don’t have it right now.  I do want to share this though as it is one of the more powerful things i have seen recently:

Some parts i really found provocative:

  • schools exist as a place to send kids while grown ups work
    • a teacher whose students don’t learn will not get fired; but one that allows their students to run around the city would.
  • what will be the mark of a good teacher in 2050
  • building intellectual alloys
  • basic building blocks of Education in the 21st century
  • participatory, personalize, post-national
  • two million minutes
  • writing
    • average writing assignment:  a paragraph to one page and length
  • brain research in 2050
  • if email is outdated; where does that put books and writing
  • choosing which form is more/most appropriate?
    • exactly what Bill and i were promoting with our PBL initiative
  • lifelong vs. k-12
  • long term problems within a “short-term” game (politics)

the SMART table

“just when i figured out all the answers, they changed all the questions”
– unknown

The quote above was on a poster hanging in our back entrance way for most of my public school years.  It was brought back to my mind today as I watched this video:

Looks like a pretty incredible piece of technology.  Released as this school looks to further our school-wide plan for outfitting each teacher with the technology and training to integrate SmartBOARDS.  I think that the price tag ($8,000 in the states) will keep it out of our classrooms here … at least until the bugs are worked out.


the real is the deal…

Nothing is as certain as that the vices of leisure are gotten rid of by being busy.
– Seneca (5 BC – 65 AD)

If Seneca was right, i have no need to worry about the vices of leisure these days.  I am not sure if it is the second child (pictured) Ellaor just trying to make too many changes in the school at once, but i am slammed down here (I fit right in as we appear to be in full hurricane season and i am not the only one getting slammed on the island).  I have a post-it note full of ideas for posts and just can’t seem to find the time to write them…  Well here goes a short one, to give me a little room on the post-it for today’s excitement…

The nuts and bolts of this one is that after a tonne of hard work by some great people here at CMS we have officially launched our Problem Based Learning experiences (PBLe) in 6th, 7th and 8th grade.  The launch session was a huge success; it was collaboratively created by Bill Farren, Mark Richards and myself.  We were a little nervous of how it would go over, we were saying some pretty powerful things with some wide ranging implications; we had no need to worry, some great conversations were started yesterday we will work to ensure that these continue – all to the betterment of middle school education here.
We are thankful to have the support, understanding, and flexibility of our administration – in the project and are confident that as our community witnesses what comes out of these units we will continue to gain speed in our move towards uncovering curriculum instead of covering it.
We modeled GoogleDocs (a future post) in the work and you can see our slideshow here:

We tried to emphasize that this isn’t anything terribly new, our school is already beginning to face this direction with its commitment to the Senior Extended Essay, its comprehensive benchmark re-writing, its adoption of the principles outlined in Understanding by Design, and our push for more video conferencing (collaborating as part of a larger global community) – to name only a few.  So we have been working towards this for quite some time…this is merely a small step in a great journey.

– stay tuned