from the mouths of 4th graders …

Fourth grade students have been expanding their exploration of coding by following the Google CS First Curriculum; specifically the one focused on Game Design.  The girls meet with Lower School Tech Integration Specialist & STEM Teacher Caroline Windell twice a week and each  day they learn a new type of game.  The culminating activity will have students select one of the game types and more fully develop their game idea.

Some 4th grade student reflections after using the CS-First computer science curriculum:

There’s a new student at your school. What would you say to her to get her interested in computer science?

  • something I like about programming is that you tell it to do something and it does it.
  • Computer science is very fun and there is a lot to learn at the same time. With computer science, you can make your own games with your own rules!
  • It’s SO fun!!! You get to learn stuff about technology, and have a fun time.
  • did you know all the computer games you play are programed by other people? … and you can program a game too!
  • it is really fun it’s learning and having fun and every time you make a game or some other thing work it is so rewarding and it feels so good like you can just do anything. i love this club and you should come and code with us. even if you can’t code you will learn and it won’t feel like learning it will feel like playing on the computer.
  • Coding is really really really really really fun. We get to make our own really fun games. It’s awesome.
  • I would say that this is the best club ever and you should try it and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to do it.
  • It’s super fun to learn and even if you think you know a lot abut it you learn a lot of new things. I would recommend CS first as a REALLY fun coding experience. I always look forward to coding class and I bet you will to.

We are definitely looking forward to playing your creations girls!

gone google…

Basically, our goal is to organize the world’s information and to make it universally accessible and useful.
~ Larry Page

It’s official, the first and arguably biggest step is complete and successful.  We have migrated our staff email addresses to our Google domain.  Mail is being rolled out slowly (read: low stress) this spring but come teacher training in August we will be really able to show the staff the benefits and power of this collaborative tool.

This transformation could not have happened without the tireless work of el equipo A – thank you for your tireless work on this project Nancy y Daniel.

googleized logo

muy excited!

Is the net making us smarter or dumber?

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.
~ Bill Watterson
Is the net making us smarter or dumber?  and does it matter?
If we accept what he is saying as truth; what does this mean to us as teachers?  What does it do to our assessments?  Can one truly assess this new concept of  intelligence ?  How is it done?  and of course…how do we best teach it?


Nicholas CarrBrian Cathcart –  Doris Lessing