collaborative video making…

I remixed a remix, it was back to normal.
Mitch Hedberg

One of the things i love the most about schools and learning 2.0 is the ability to take sources – mix, mix and re-mix them until you get what you want.  Then we give it to someone else and let them put themselves into the project and we can watch it start to take off…

I have a technology facilitator here that gave his advanced students the same 12 sounds bytes, 50 images and 10 video clips and set them loose in Adobe Premiere.  The results were amazing and as

individual as the faces in his class.
As impressive as the results were the students blog posts on the project.  They saw things that we didn’t nor wouldn’t have no matter how long we examined them – truly fantastic stuff.

Kaltura is new to me and i have only begun playing around with the free packages b

ut as someone that is big on video in education as well as collaboration…it seems like a match made in heaven


practice what you preach

Do not let your deeds belie your words, lest when you speak in church someone may say to himself, ‘Why do you not practice what you preach?’
– Saint Jerome

I do a lot of talking around here about collaboration.  I push it pretty much daily; to teachers, to friends, to students, and to administrators.  This week has been a great reminder to me as to the power of collaboration.  As a member of the World Virtual Schools project (driven by the Department of State) i have had the opportunity to meet many tech directors from a variety of schools around the world.  I have been equally amazed at both the similarities and differences of the schools involved.  This week i have got my moneys worth of SKYPE in conecting with Zagreb, Croatia working through some issues that were arising within our Moodle server.  The goal is to have a secure Moodle connection and mirror site up and running quickly – looks like we will get there much sooner than we had originally hoped.  In return i was able to share some of the lessons we learned during our implementation of PowerSchool last year.  At the same time as i was working on this situation i was in text chat with Kim Cofino in Thailand helping to launch a 4th grade BlogPals project spanning Europe, Asia, North America, Australia and the Carribbean.  I was stumped launching Mrs. Castro’s blog and it only took about 3 minutes for Kim to straighten me out.  Without her it would have taken much longer and without my friend in Croatia i would still be experimenting to see why our moodle was malfunctioning (it turns out our AntiVirus had corrupted a portion of the data base).
At the end of the week it was very clear; i advanced further, faster by working with other people – collaboration works and is a new norm.  The direct instruction of collaborative skills and modeling collaboration is crucial to what we are trying to do in the modern school.I’m sold (again)

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