MisterMark à la BitStrip

MisterMark à la BitStrip

Making is something that I have always been drawn to, whether it was taking apart my alarm clock in 5th grade or learning from my dad as he wrote his billing software on our shiny new Tandy 1000 (and saving the work on cassette tapes).  It has taken on many forms and has constantly been influx … but it has been a constant in my life.

A year ago I took the job as the Director of Educational Technology & Innovation at the Hamlin School in San Francisco.  When people asked why I was leaving my job in Larkspur-Corte Madera my usual response was: “I feel as though I’m being offered the keys to the space ship”.  This has proven to be very true and within a year I have been charged with re-defining the school libraries and adding a heavy dose of making therein.  We raised funds at the annual gala for the purpose and are excited to see innovative teaching & learning happening with the backdrop of historic Stanwood Hall – built in 1901.

The site we are building to support the space:  maker.hamlin.org

My life has been – and continues to be a journey.  This belief has always been forefront in this blog, i believe that making is a piece of that journey, but also a journey onto itself.  Here are some pictures from the road less traveled:

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