whose tube?

There is only one thing that can kill the Movies, and that is education.
– Will Rogers

In this video the Preisdents of the United States of America redo the first song ever to air on MuchMusic; the 1979 classic Video Killed The Radio Star (see original on YouTube).


Has video’s lust for blood left more victims behind? (Books, Podcasts, Blogs?)

This post has seriously had me tossing and turning all over the place.
Last Tuesday a letter to the headmaster from a colleague started a chain of events that had me reconsidering our schools’ policy on YouTube (blocked across the board). This is an argument i had been preparing for awhile – i had a folder full of data from other schools, recent news articles, professional journals, emails from teachers, parents and students; i was ready. Then i spent the majority of the weekend searching Time’s “invention of the year” for useful teaching videos. When multiple requests for specific YouTube videos wanted/needed for the classroom yielded no results – i paused. Then there was the horrific video a friend sent me late on Saturday, of course with two clicks on the selection of related videos i was in an even worse place; somewhere i didn’t want to be – of course with every click it got worse.

Yes, education is there; then again isn’t it everywhere?

For now we will continue to post student and staff work on YouTube, but we aren’t ready to change our policy quite yet. A lot of the “good stuff” on YouTube can be found elsewhere, and for the stuff that can’t their are tools such as Oyoom and KeepVid (ahistoryteacher).
Teachers, i had much better success when searching google video using the following search string for literature circles: “genre: educational literature circles”; then i had on other sites. Further more initiatives like The Literacy Project are more inline educationally speaking then what i found searching within YouTube.

This weekend’s research also led me to UthTV; the work and opportunities that its crew and managers are working on are very impressive. Many artistic opportunities created, presented by and for youths can be found here.

This decision, like so many things today, is definitely not written in stone. When our school is ready to make a change we will, until then we will take advantage of the aspects of YouTube we like (its audienc) and use similar sites for searching for staff and student videos.

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  1. Mark,

    If you are looking for video to enhance lessons/teaching/learning then youtube is not nearly as good as services like united streaming (www.unitedstreaming.com). Educational video on demand. We use it and are very happy with it. That is NOT what you tube is for. Youtube is about audience and conversation. When you use Youtube to host student created videos you allow feedback and conversation to happen. When you use a school account you can control who feedsback and what gets posted. The best things that youtube provides is a wide viewing audience and a chance for discussion. Look at united streaming if you are looking for curricular connections.

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