a couple of firsts…

“Show time, Synergy”
-Jem & The Holograms

Did you see this last night?

OK, holograms aside last night was a remarkable night.  I will tell me son we watched president elect Obama over cheerios at six in the morning one day – and it is my hope that last night will mark such a turning point that he will want to know where he was.  The message was loud and clear – change is needed; however  there is an incredulous amount of work to be done, in repair of previous damage caused.
If and how it is accomplished will be the great story of our generation.

This is fascinating as an international teacher How the World Would Vote.

Obama Victory Speech – wow this guy is truly an impressive speaker (speech classes – use this!)

McCain Concedes – A model of grace in defeat, extremely class.  I won’t comment on the crowd however.  Judging by the comments on the YouTube post, i don’t think i was the only moved by Sen. McCain’s speech.  (leadership classes – use this!)

I had a principal once who opened an athletic competition here by saying, “we are here because we love the game and we love competition, and because we love the game and competition we love our competitors”  Both Mr. McCain’s and Mr. Obama’s speeches I thought showed incredible respect for each other and that principal’s opening talk came running to the forefront of my mind.

Here is Mr. Obama’s in Wordle:

I will be honest, this is not at all what i expected when i entered the text…leave a comment tell me what you see in this image.