gathering speed…

I am like a snowball – the further I am rolled, the more I gain.
– Susan B. Anthony

like so many things ed-tech our oral defenses live on Ustream continue to stretch the learning experience. The parental response has been wonderful but now we have lots of viewers coming from the world over so with a couple of clicks we open a chat room and now invite all viewers (regardless of location) to get involved in the discussion and to take part in the Q & A period.

Schedule of topics is – here.

The new header image is from a road trip with a two year old last weekend – love rural DR (more pics here)

and the children will lead us…

Those words jumped to my mind when i took this picture this summer in Marin County, California.

In fact i even included it in a personal blog post at the time. Then today i was presented with this blog entry – written by a fifth grader. It blew my mind – actually it still is blowing my mind. Make her day while extending her learning experience, drop her a comment or send her a reader.

The progress that has been seen in the writing of CMS fifth graders this year is nothing short of amazing. Huge thanks is due to four great teachers and a great writing specialist. However from where i sit everyone owes a huge thank you to Jeff Dungan the elementary tech facilitator who has worked and pushed hard to ensure that the computers which were placed in each fifth grade classroom as an experiment did not sit dormant and allowed to collect dust. He has taken old machines and given them new life; the teachers, students and parents have bought in and are on board. Thanks Jeff.

Bianna W. thank you for sharing your insightful writing with me.