new toy… same points

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.
 ~ Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865)

If you have read this blog more than a couple of times you have undoubtedly come across my shameless reposting of TED Talks.  What can i say they are absolutely mind blowing.  A friend of mine posted this one on a recent post of his, it – even more than usual – blew my mind.
(no time?  jump to the 6 minute mark to see the demo without the history)

WOW!  Pretty incrdible.

So what do you see when you look at this?  It truly has the potential to drastically adjust life as we know it…
…however i have been thinking about this SixthSense technology in a highly simplified form. 

This device has the potential to fundamentally change the way in which we interact with technology – it would always be “there” – its benefits and detriments.  Personally,  i have battled administration and school policy over cellular phones  in the classroom, then of allowing YouTube onto our campus, then there was MySpace, FaceBook and an endless line of proxies that were blocked – ducked – and then reblocked.  How would you teach a class full of “sixth sensers”??  What would you block?  What would you allow?

If you believe (as i do) that some of the most important things we teach our students are responsibility and decision making then at some point you must give students the opportunity to BE responsible, to make a responsible decision, or to make an irresponsible decision and deal with its consequences.  As technology becomes more and more interwoven into our life, the importance of students demonstrating mastery  of these skills seem more and more important.

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