Art & Sports in Education…

Art is not about thinking something up. It is the opposite — getting something down.
– Julia Cameron

These two posts were so good i wanted you to take a look at them. I am thankful that my education was enriched by both art and sport. I value the fact that i work in a school that recognizes the need for both.

from Dennis Harter at ISB:


3 thoughts on “Art & Sports in Education…

  1. Thanks for sending people my way. I too am lucky to be at a school that values both, but am worried about how much I hear from the US about programs being cut by schools, particularly art.

    We have quite a few Carol Morgan alum over here in Bangkok…perhaps you know some of them?!

  2. Hey Dennis, yeah i know them all i think and miss them all too (Pete, Patience, Brad, Susi, Heather…).
    Actually i used to live with Justin in university and am still in touch with him so i follow what you guys are doing at ISB really closely – it is all really impressive.

    We have thought of going that way for awhile now but at the end of the day i like being this far from home while the kids are small.

    take it easy

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