WOW or is it WAO?

“what drives an artist is that you believe that the future is gonna have some use for what you are working on now.”
-Junot Diaz

The opportunity given to CMS students and staff yesterday was one that i will never forget. Junot Diaz is an incredible writer, an absolute genius, a humanitarian, a champion of justice, and a phenomenal teacher. So many incredible gems and sound bytes that didn’t stop from the moment he arrived until the moment that he left -and i would know…he had a magnetic quality to him that kept me a my video camera chasing him all day.

All of these pieces come attached with a mature language warning.

High School Assembly (Reading & Q&A Session)
coming to YouTube soon…

Workshop#1 – the sound quality is audible but low
click here
Workshop #2- the sound quality is audible but low
click here

Parent/Teacher Reading and Q&A Session
mp3 recording of talk
coming to YouTube soon…


mens’ bookclub with Junot

img thanks to Scarlett

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