real deal goes live

Sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.
– George F. Will (1941 – )

Not too long i posted the deal is the real here. If you are one of the few people that read this regularly you will know that this is something that i believe whole heartedly in. Students who are engaged in “real” situations will see the tangible results and retain far more then the students who are completing an assignment simply because it is on the curriculum, or the teacher found a nice little unit on TrackStar (which i love). As the year draws to a close (gracias a dios), i am proud of my students for the real work they have done. Today two of my students (on twelve hours notice) presented their work to a full gymnasium with five countries represented. They did an amazing job on the tournament website and their “client” our Athletic Director was and is thrilled (as am i!). As students reflecting in the LearningBlogs today i was happy to see that the project touched on multiple software components that were used on an as needed basis in order to complete the task. Sure the site could still use more proofreading but as a tech teacher i have to be happy. Today i watched the video cameras, still cameras and italks buzz around the playing fields of CAISSA’s third season tournament documenting all that went on i smiled BIG at the way that this group is interacting with the technology around them.
Gracias a Dios es Viernes

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